Friday, October 4, 2013

BMW M Laptimer goes live in iOS App Store, tracks your run to the grocery store

The average BMW driver may not often take their Bimmer out to the track, but those who do can now get some free iOS assisted coaching. The company's BMW M Laptimer app tracks vehicle throttle, steering, braking and engine data and maps it to a pre-defined or user created track, analyzing the driver's performance along the way. Would-be race car drivers can even swap track data with their friends, and play back a virtual head-to-head ghost comparison race to critique each other's laptimes.

Although the tool is clearly designed to be used in a controlled track environment, drivers can also generate custom maps -- giving them an edge in the race to get to their local grocer. Not much has changed since BMW teased the app earlier this summer, but drivers with access to any BMW Apps connected vehicle (not just BMW M models) can pick it up for free today. Just don't have too much fun racing the custom track you'll undoubtedly build for your morning commute.

Press Release

BMW Launches the BMW M Laptimer App
Precise, real-time racing-style telematics for BMW Enthusiasts.

BMW Group Technology Office USA announced today the release of the BMW M Laptimer App. The BMW M Laptimer App is made for BMW Brand vehicles with the BMW Apps option, and is now available in the iTunes Store.

Previewed in June 2013 (see BIMMERPOST preview video below) and intended for off-road use only, the BMW M Laptimer App records data from a BMW Apps–equipped vehicle's on-board network and GPS receiver to create comparative track sessions and provide essential performance information. It generates track maps and captures essential driving data including top speed, number of laps, best lap time and ambient temperature. Information is then presented on the scorecard screen when the vehicle is no longer in motion.

The BMW M Laptimer provides highly visual depictions of throttle, speed, brake input, engine RPM, fuel level, and g-force. Users can easily zoom in and out, and rewind or fast forward through track recordings. BMW M Laptimer will automatically calculate laps and times for the user without the need for pre-installed track map data. The App can be used on virtually any closed circuit.

A Comparison Mode gives users the ability to view individual or dual runs in real-time. Users can select their own laps or compare against a lap sent by another BMW driver. Users may also share track day results with friends to compare data. Additionally, users can post results through social media integration, including Facebook and Twitter.

Source: iTunes

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