Thursday, October 10, 2013

Foursquare's real-time recommendations now being pushed to iOS

This past summer, Foursquare announced a soft rollout of a new real-time recommendation feature for Android users. And now, it's headed to iOS. As part of a new software update, a "small batch" of users will begin to see the push notifications appear on their iPhones, suggesting places or items of interest, like a particularly nice cocktail at a specific bar or a favorite restaurant. The app's also been refreshed with a 'nearby' button that'll let users keep tabs on which friends are in their immediate vicinity, as well as their most recent check-ins. Don't despair if you're not one of the chosen few to experience the auto-recommendations, Foursquare plans to put that feature "in everyone's hands" soon.

Source: Foursquare, iTunes

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