Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PureTalk USA debuts 150MB rollover data plans for prepaid market

Rollover minutes were a great idea last decade when capped minute plans were all the rage, but unfortunately rollover data never caught on when smartphones began getting popular. PureTalk USA, an AT&T MVNO, doesn't think it's too late to implement such a concept for its budget-minded customers who don't need to be constantly tied to the internet but still have varying data needs from month to month. The new offering is a $10 add-on to the company's Mobile Flex plans, and you get 150MB of rollover data each month that doesn't expire. We'd love to see options for more data, but this is at least a great opportunity for anyone hoping to keep a close eye on their wallet.

Press Release

Pure TalkUSA First to Offer Calling Plans with Data Rollover

(Covington, GA - October 8, 2013) Pure TalkUSA, a leading provider of affordable, no-contract mobile phone service, is the first wireless company to offer calling plans with data rollover to U.S. customers.

Pure TalkUSA is now offering 150MB of data and 200 MMS (Multi-Media Messages) for $9.95 per month as an option to customers enrolled in the company's Flex calling plan. Any data that is unused at the end of each month will roll over to the next month and never expire.

"Our data rollover plan is perfect for customers who want an affordable way to check their email, access social media, and do light web surfing on the go," said R.P. McFarland, president of Pure TalkUSA. "We're excited to be the first company to offer data rollover. It's a terrific feature that provides unmatched value."

The budget-minded Flex plan starts at $10 a month for 130 minutes of calling time. Additional blocks of time may be added in $10 increments, and customers are able to set monthly spending caps.

Other new Pure TalkUSA plans include Simple 50, which offers 50 minutes of calling time for $5 a month. This voice-only plan provides a measure of safety and security, at our most affordable price. The new Simple 750 plan offers 750 minutes of calling time for $21.95 a month.

And customers of Pure TalkUSA's Unlimited Talk & Text plan will now receive 100 MB of data and 200 MMS, all for the same price of $34.95 per month.

Source: PureTalk USA

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