Sunday, October 6, 2013

U-Verse adds live TV streaming via web and iPad now; iPhone and Android later

Following the lead of several other TV providers, AT&T U-verse has launched internet streaming for some of the channels it carries. Subscribers can tune into up to 108 channels while at home, and about 25 while away from home either on or on the U-verse for iPad app. The new iPad app launched on September 30th and streaming went live on the 4th. A support document posted on the AT&T forums indicates it will come to the iPhone app on October 16th, with support following for Android phones and tablets on the 21st. Conveniently, the old U-verse Live TV service from AT&T's mobile unit has already been renamed to Mobile TV, clearing any possible confusion.

As far as the channel selection, for in-home viewing on the app it mostly consists of Viacom (MTV,Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc.), NBCUniversal (Syfy, USA,E! etc.), plus most sports and premium channels but not favorites like ESPN, which has its own app. Out of home streaming has a more limited selection with the Showtime and Starz families plus NFL Network and a few others. Even though U-verse only supports a limited number of HD streams per home, these don't count against that total. Otherwise, features like video on-demand access and remote DVR scheduling are still active (download for offline viewing is still a phones-only feature), and the iPad app features a new "Home" tab to sort out all the options.

Source: iTunes, AT&T Community Forums

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