Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not meeting online user expectations is costly

  • Lost Revenue
Every second of delay will lead to a 7% decrease in web conversions. Additionally, 75% of shoppers who experience a website that freezes, crashes, is too slow, or involves a convoluted checkout process would no longer buy from that site.
  • Productivity Losses
Under performing web-based internal systems severely hinder employee productivity. 68% of managers surveyed in a recent study cited “slow internet” or “inability to access documents from a network” as affecting their productivity.
  • Brand Damage
Poor web experiences generate social media negativity and deter other prospects, jeopardizing future revenue. In fact, 4% of unsatisfied customers (such as those impacted by an outage or a slow loading page) will complain.10 And just one negative review can cost you 30 customers.
  • Additional Marketing Costs
Inbound marketing leads will be lost when your site underperforms and frustrated visitors leave without completing conversion goals. As a result, you will need to increase your marketing spend to drive additional web traffic to recoup lost leads.

SOURCE : The Ultimate Guide to: Improving Web Performance with Monitoring

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